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I had an issue with my sump pump and my whole basement was flooded with 8 inches of water and I called a few companies for estimates but I felt most comfortable with ProRestore because of their attentiveness. I never had to reach out and call them because I was kept in the loop throughout the process of my cleanup. It was a nerve wrecking process but they made it easier and took a lot of the burden off me and told me how to deal with my insurance company. I highly recommend them and will definately use them again.

Crystal P.

Hi so here it goes. I'm not one for writing reviews because it's so time consuming, however I feel the need to write one about this company. My husband and I were having some issues in our home and calling so many places and getting absolutely no where, the customer service was terrible, prices were very high. Ugh...exhausting. However I came across this company ProRestore Solutions and they are AMAZING. The owner Danny was just so fantastic to speak to. He took over 30 minutes with me just to have a conversation about the problems and issues I was having in my home. He told me no matter what he would do the job and get out to us ASAP and sure enough him and his guys within the same day were at my home. He gave me a great price and was very reasonable cheaper than anyone else I called. HE WAS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY, HE CARED ABOUT ME AS A PERSON AND MADE SURE THAT HE TOOK MY HUSBAND AND I STRESS AWAY. HE BUILDS A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU RATHER THAN JUST SOMEONE WHO YOU KNOW JUST WANTS A SALE....WE LOVED THE SERVICE FROM BEGGINING TO END. This is the kind of company you want to deal with. Real good people. DANNY AS THE OWNER AND HIS WORKERS BY FAR ARE THE BEST OUT THERE. ID GIVE 10 STARS IF GOOGLE ALLOWED ME. THANK YOU PRORESTORE SOLUTIONS FOR ALL THE DEDICATED HARD WORK, FOR BEING ON TIME, PROFESSIONAL, INCREDIBLY KNOWLEDGABLE, TAKING THE TIME TO HAVE A CONVERSATION, AND FOR FIXING OUR PROBLEMS IN OUR HOME AND DOING Exactly what you said you were gonna do. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. My husband and I couldn't be happier.

Christina D.

Happy Customers

I called Danny at prorestore solutions for my sump pump and they came out quickly and took care of the problem. My electricity went out and my sump pump failed and caused a huge flood in my basement. I highly recommend prorestore solutions and will hire them again.

Nick F.

I needed a commercial dehumidifier for a job I was on. Im in the decorative concrete industry and controlling humidity is a must on rainy days. Needless to say there was a leak in the roof and the floor was wet, I called ProRestore and Danny was able to get me a dehumidifier rental on last minute timing and he was able to bring it to me that very day. Everything went smoothly and so did my job, thanks to ProRestore. Highly reccomended.

Alessio T.

I used Dan and his company prorestore solutions when a tree fell through my roof during a storm. He was able to address the water damage on three floors of my home (second floor, first floor, and basement). It rained for hours, thankfully no one was hurt. I called a few companies, but Dan's company was able to get out there quickly. They did a great job with the drying process and suggested two other great contractors to remove the tree and fix the roof. I am very grateful for his assistance in getting my family's home back to normal after en event like that.

Eric C.

I could not be happier with the services that Danny provided to rid my house of mold. I recently had found out that my wife is pregnant with our first child and I was worried that there may be some mold in my house from a leaky roof. Danny responded to my call immediately and made it his priority to ensure that the house was safe for my wife to live in. He went above and beyond to not only identify the source of the leak but to also help patch the leak until a new roof can be installed. He did an outstanding job of explaining to me what was wrong, how to fix it, and cleaning up all of the mess. Overall it was a great experience to work with a contractor who was courteous, professional and on time. He took extra care to make sure my wife would be living in an environment that is safe for her and the baby. I highly recommend that anyone who needs mold removal to call ProRestore Solutions ASAP!! I really was so impressed that I actually took the time to write a review for the first time ever. Thanks for all of your help!

Michael C.

I had a leak under my kitchen sink and I called in ProRestore Solutions because my sister recommended them. Danny was very professional and answered all my questions. The process was explained in great detail and the work was done fast and efficient. They took out all my wet cabinets and floor. They got rid of the nasty mildew smell and dried everything. I was really impressed with there equipment. It was all relatively new. I highly recommend.

Jason P.

ProRestore did a great job! Quick to respond, professional and competitive pricing. You are on my speed dial! Thank you Dan!

Loraine G.

The closing of our home was delayed due to a mold inspection contingency. Dan was extremely helpful and was able to quickly test the mold and assist with the needed remediation. We had a great experience and would recommend him to friends and family, A+ service.

Dialka P.

We couldn't be more happy!!! Came over immediately and did a great job on what we needed. Our insurance adjuster said it was the best cleanup he has ever seen!!!

Mario D.

Needed a mold cleanup on a purchased home for resale. They were able to do the job fast and remove the nasty mold.

D. C.